Thursday, August 27, 2009

Thursday Note

I just got home from work. I was in a hurry to go home because there is a big storm coming. I can see lightning flashes across the sky. I can also hear the roar of thunder from all corners in the sky. The clouds are getting darker and lower. The wind gust is also getting stronger. These are indicators that storm will be here sooner or later. Oh, it just started raining. The temperature outside starts to drop now making the breeze feels so good when it hits my skin. If I didn't know that I live in Texas, I would have thought that Fall weather has finally kicks in (I wish...wink).

If the weather is like this, it makes me feel eating food and more food but too bad I am on a diet (LOL). Speaking of food, hubby's "burger steak ala Jollibee" is almost ready. I requested him to cook this food tonight as I miss it already. This food is so delicious that I can literally eat this everyday. Oh well, there is no food anyway that hubby cooks that isn't yummy!!! I think it is inate for him being a good cook which I am so jealous about... lol

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