Sunday, August 23, 2009

Anne Curtis Involved in a Car Accident

Approximately a month ago, Anne Curtis was involved in a car accident in Quezon City, Philippines but thanks God she walked out from that accident with only minor injuries.

However, her Porsche Cayenne was totally wrecked from that accident which happens at the corner of Congressional and Mindanao Avenues in Quezon City. Her ex-boyfriend Sam Milby and friends Jericho Rosales and Christian Bautista rushed to the scene to check Anne Curtis condition.

As reported, Anne Curtis failed to stop in a red light and eventually hit an L-300 delivery van. The van's driver thought that Anne Curtis must be very tired and somehow fell asleep while driving.

Being a fan of Anne Curtis, I am so happy to know that she wasn't harmed as well as the van driver.

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