Sunday, January 25, 2009

Talking About Anne Curtis

Now that DYOSA, my favorite Philippine Primetime Television Series is over, I feel that there is something lacking in my life everyday. It may sounds OA or corny but it is true. Some may not agree but I am loving DYOSA so much. Why? Because the effects are good and I am a big fan of Anne Curtis. No matter how other people bad mouth her because according to them she is very liberated but for me she is still one of the best actresses of her generation aside from the fact that she is very beautiful and of course very sexy. No doubt on that!

Anyway, I am hoping that she will be given another project soon especially on TV so I will be seeing her again everyday. Well, after winning the best actress in the MMFF, I am sure ABS-CBN will not just hide her. Her successful TV series like Kampanerang Kuba, Maging Sino Ka Man and the most recent Dyosa is only a living evidence on how profitable she is as an actress of her generation.
I hope to see her in person someday. I don't care if it will be here in the US or in the Philippines. he he he...