Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Why I Love Iisa Pa Lamang

There is no episode of Iisa Pa Lamang, a Philippine drama series aired in ABS-CBN, that I missed. I am always updated and I love how the story progress. The storyline is awesome although it can be predictive at times. Iisa Pa Lamang's story revolves around love, hatred and vengeance. Viewers and fans are always looking forward to every episode since they always offer something new.

I would say that the scriptwriter is very good. I like all the twists and turns of the story. It is always in fast pace and every scene is never boring compared to the other Philippine drama series aired on TV.

I also give my high regards to the award-winning performance of the main cast of Iisa Pa Lamang: Claudine Baretto, Gabby Concepcion, Diether Ocampo, Angelica Panganiban, Susan Roces, Cherry Pie Picache and many more. They are just so terrific in giving life to the characters they portray.

Iisa Pa Lamang is also famous for the beautiful lines (Iisa Pa Lamang's trademark) that the actors and actresses are using to express their sentiment or point across each other in the drama series. This drama series is undoubtedly one of the best that ABS-CBN ever brought to TV.

Some of my favorite lines are:

**Gold digger in red.

**Karma sa bitch.**Asawa niya ako, anak ka lang. Kaya lahat ng pag-aari niya eh pag-aari ko rin.

**Once a slut, always a slut.

**Go to hell, go to hell... I will see you there!

**Sige maglaro tayo, agawan ng yaman...

**Tumabi ka na jan kasi nagbalik na ang tunay na reyna.

**Babalik ako, lahat ng kinuha niyo, babawiin ko.

I can't imagine, I will remember those lines. Whew! It only shows I am indeed hooked up to this drama series.
Just curious here, anyone out there who are also a big fan of Iisa Pa Lamang?


jhoicexoxo said...

Nice Entry, I love watching Iisa Pa Lamang as welL, I gree with u, stoRy line is great and of couRse casts arE excellent, esp ISadora, lOlZ, I love her Lines in the show, xD...

Marie said...

hehehe..kaw joice ha, isadora fans ka pala... infairness, cherry pie is very good in conveying her role to the people... am sure, marami ng gustong sumabonot sa kanya jan sa atin... remember ang reaction ng tao kay Gladys reyes before sa Mara Clara? i bet ganyan din kay isadora ngayon... kontrabida ng bayan ika nga...hehehe

Moon Light said...

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TommyClaire said...

HI Marie, thanks for droppin by. I do watch every single episode of Iisa pa lamang. Id say i dont like Claudine very much but i do love the character of Scarlet...indeed the story shows life has its twists and turns. I love the story line. hope u dont mind if i exhange link with you??

Hi! I'm Grace said...

Hala, Marie oy, gimingaw na jud hinoon ko samot sa Pinas, nagtan-aw ko aning picture sa "Iisa Pa Lamang" wala man ko diri access sa Pinoy Channel. Kapamilya ra ba jud ko. :)