Monday, October 6, 2008

Should I Leave or Stay?

I know I am so blessed with the way my career (work) is heading. After 6 months in that company, I was given the opportunity to step up. It doesn't happen all the time; most of all it doesn't happen to everyone that is why I considered myself fortunate.

My superiors are cool and very professional. I have no claim against them. However, my schedule is getting so much crazy every now and then. Well, part of my promotion is working different shifts depending on the situation.

At first I love the new position. Who won't when you achieve one step higher, right? However, my fondness is slowly depreciating as the demand from work and my schedule are getting crazier. I find it no fun already.

Now, I am thinking of looking for another work. I am thinking to stick with the hospitality industry but I would not like to be working as the hotel's frontliner. Oh, frontliner is the term I gave with the front desk department.

Oh, man, I wish I have the words to describe how front desk life can be very hectic, demanding and crazy. Imagine when you are the first team encounter by guests for their complains, requests, calls, etc...such a headache I would say...

This work requires more patience; you need to be resilient. No matter how tired and pissed you are, in front of the guest you still need to be sweet, smiling and very accommodating. Yeah, I know, you have to pretend; in Filipino "plastikan ang show".

Some of my friends and even my husband always tell me that I will have more opportunity for growth if I will stay in this company. Yes, we are very much pampered with wonderful benefits in this company. I can't complain in that matter. We have all the insurances and 401K which is very important especially the latter for my retirement days.

Anyway, I am not yet in a hurry to leave my post but I am also looking around and my door is open for whatever greater opportunity that will come my way.

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TommyClaire said...

wow! I ddnt know ur working as Front Desk. been on that position :) i can exactly sympathize with you since I know how hard it is to be a frontliner. But I tell you I become the person I am now and I learn a lot from the job.It makes u admire those people in the sales. no fun but its rewarding.. be tough :)