Friday, October 31, 2008

Now Showing: Dyosa

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Dyosa is another Philippine drama series aired in ABS-CBN that I get hocked with these days. I love the combination of comedy, fantasy, drama and love stories that engulf Dyosa. The plot is very magical and great especially in Kabanuas (good engkantos like gods and goddesses) and Kasamyans (the evil engkantos like malignos).

Dyosa feautures one of the famous Philippine folklore characters Mariang Sinukuan and Bernardo Carpio which are portray by Mickey Ferriols and Matthew Mendoza. This "fantaserye" showcases the very talented young stars of today's generation: Takda (Choosen One): Anne Curtis (a.k.a Josephine, Josie); Villain Beast: Sam Milby (Adonis); Takda's Childhood friend and Protector: Luis Manzano (Kulas) and Dyosa comics Illusionist/Illustrator: Zanjo Marudo (Mars). The powerful casts also includes Jaclyn Jose (Magayon: sister of Mariang Sinukuan), Nikki Bacolod (Diana: Takda's half-sister), Epi Cuizon (Bakus: Half goat/Half man), Llyod Samartino (Amang Suga) and many more.

Anne Curtis, Dyosa, transforms into three personas (mythical creatures) in this drama series: Mermaid (half-fish), a Centauride (half-horse), and a Siren (half-bird). However, Dyosa is reluctant in doing her role as Takda (Choosen One) of the Kabanuas. She is caught in the dilemma of leaving her life in the mortal world for 18 years or go back to Kabanua and be crowned as Takda.

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Sam Milby, Adonis, the villain beast from Kasamyan was sent to the mortal world by his father Kadaklan to kill Takda but when he laid his eyes on her he has having thoughts of doing what he was told to do because he slowly fall in love with her. Diana, half-sister of Takda, followed Takda in the mortal world because she wants also to kill her so she will be crown as Takda and not her sister. Magayon, Diana's mother and Mariang Sinukuan's sister, was helping Diana to kill Takda. But the plan of Magayon and Diana to kill Takda is getting difficult since Adonis is closely watching over Dyosa protecting her from all harm around her.

The story is getting more and more intense and nicer everyday. Oh, I love these drama series so much aside from the fact that Anne Curtis is one of my fave young actresses. Do you?

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