Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Hide and Seek

Funny it maybe, but hubby and I are like playing hide and seek with our schedule at work lately. He is home when I am at work and when he is at work I am home. hahaha... so weird!!! Well, still thankful that at least we are both home at night. At least we can still have time to bond. Oh, except when I do occasional night audit which happens everytime any of our part-time or full-time night auditor will quit. It is a pain in the ass and I hate to think that hubby left alone in the house for around 5 hours by himself.

He understands my job. He really does that is why I am not so worried about us. He knows I am doing this to ensure something for rainy days. We don't know what lies ahead especially with the worst economy that we have right now. Hence, it is better to be prepared than feel sorry at the end because we are clueless and we don't set aside something.

So last night, I was home around 10:00PM. Hubby picked me up and went to sleep when we arrived at home. Poor hubby, he has to wake up early because he needs to be at work at 5:00AM because he wants to see how the stores' operation in the morning. I asked him why he has to do it. He said he needs to know what is going on in the morning for his further assessment. The good thing is he will be home early .... He can go to sleep while I will go to work... hehehe

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TommyClaire said...

Hi, its good that u both still find time together despite of the hide and seek situation. thats why Tommy doesnt want me to have a work like that.. lam mo na gusto lagi bonding.. heheh! take care Marie