Friday, October 10, 2008

Beautiful Morning!

I just arrived in the house from work. In fact, when I stepped out from the hotel, I can still see the orange sky right at where the sun rise. I was surprised that the street was so quiet. I was expecting for a heavy traffic but it wasn't. Thanks God or else it would have take more time to go home. I took some picture of the sky. It was so beautiful!

This morning, I can very much feel the cold breeze that keeps on blowing onto my skin. It was very relaxing and it makes me more sleepy. Oh, yeah, I am happy that I feel sleepy at this time. Yesterday, I had a very difficult time falling asleep.

If you must know, I am working graveyard shift for the last 2 nights and sleeping during day time is my big problem right now. I am just happy that while writing this post my eyes are now about to close which means it will be quick for me to go to sleep. No more headache due to forcing myself to sleep...
I don't know until when I will hold on to this new position. If my health will be at risk, I will never have second thought to leave...

Oh, I have to end here. I need to go to sleep.

Good morning everyone. Oh, good night to me...LOL

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Selina Tankersley said...

yes ur right gurl graveyard shift is so hard, I had hard time to get good sleep during daytime also. stay healthy.