Tuesday, September 30, 2008

It's Been A While...

Wow, I never thought that it has been 3 months since I was here in this blog. When I decide to make this, I was thinking of giving this as much time as what I give to my other blogs. I was wrong then. Busy schedule at work and my laziness keeps from doing what I should have done.

Now, I am back here and I plan to elevate this blog to the next level. I will have to at least visit this blog couple of times in a week if not daily. I was challenged with what my husband said. According to him, I just wasted a lot of opportunity that I could earn more bucks while staying at home during my day off. He said this because I told him that I was thinking of working part-time in the airport. He doesn't want me to do it because it will be too much for me since I have a full-time job already.

Well, he is right. Actually, there is no need for me to find another job. Sometimes, I just got bored staying the whole day in our house during my off especially that my off usually falls on weekdays. Oh, hubby is always at work on weekdays.

He told me that if I am going to focus on blogging, I could keep myself busy and earn money same as I am working another part-time job. He is absolutely correct that is why I am here and back to business!