Thursday, August 27, 2009

Thursday Note

I just got home from work. I was in a hurry to go home because there is a big storm coming. I can see lightning flashes across the sky. I can also hear the roar of thunder from all corners in the sky. The clouds are getting darker and lower. The wind gust is also getting stronger. These are indicators that storm will be here sooner or later. Oh, it just started raining. The temperature outside starts to drop now making the breeze feels so good when it hits my skin. If I didn't know that I live in Texas, I would have thought that Fall weather has finally kicks in (I wish...wink).

If the weather is like this, it makes me feel eating food and more food but too bad I am on a diet (LOL). Speaking of food, hubby's "burger steak ala Jollibee" is almost ready. I requested him to cook this food tonight as I miss it already. This food is so delicious that I can literally eat this everyday. Oh well, there is no food anyway that hubby cooks that isn't yummy!!! I think it is inate for him being a good cook which I am so jealous about... lol

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Anne Curtis Involved in a Car Accident

Approximately a month ago, Anne Curtis was involved in a car accident in Quezon City, Philippines but thanks God she walked out from that accident with only minor injuries.

However, her Porsche Cayenne was totally wrecked from that accident which happens at the corner of Congressional and Mindanao Avenues in Quezon City. Her ex-boyfriend Sam Milby and friends Jericho Rosales and Christian Bautista rushed to the scene to check Anne Curtis condition.

As reported, Anne Curtis failed to stop in a red light and eventually hit an L-300 delivery van. The van's driver thought that Anne Curtis must be very tired and somehow fell asleep while driving.

Being a fan of Anne Curtis, I am so happy to know that she wasn't harmed as well as the van driver.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Talking About Anne Curtis

Now that DYOSA, my favorite Philippine Primetime Television Series is over, I feel that there is something lacking in my life everyday. It may sounds OA or corny but it is true. Some may not agree but I am loving DYOSA so much. Why? Because the effects are good and I am a big fan of Anne Curtis. No matter how other people bad mouth her because according to them she is very liberated but for me she is still one of the best actresses of her generation aside from the fact that she is very beautiful and of course very sexy. No doubt on that!

Anyway, I am hoping that she will be given another project soon especially on TV so I will be seeing her again everyday. Well, after winning the best actress in the MMFF, I am sure ABS-CBN will not just hide her. Her successful TV series like Kampanerang Kuba, Maging Sino Ka Man and the most recent Dyosa is only a living evidence on how profitable she is as an actress of her generation.
I hope to see her in person someday. I don't care if it will be here in the US or in the Philippines. he he he...

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Cold Invasion @ DFW

Cold has finally conquered North Texas! For several days now, wind has been blowing harder and it feels colder when hits the skin. My winter clothes are now back in the closet. They are hang now so they could back me up in the cold. Just lately, we already reached freezing points in some areas in greater Dallas/Fort Worth area in North Texas.
After experiencing the long months of Texas heat, colder temperature feels very soothing and relaxing as long as you are dressed accordingly to combat the cold. I guess the latter is the only trick to learn to love cold weather.
Now that winter is getting closer, I already expect for a more windy and colder weather.

Friday, November 14, 2008

What's Wrong With Friendster?

This is the second day since I have difficulty opening Friendster. It takes several minutes before it downloads. Sometimes is is even unavailable or under maintenance. Tonight, after couple of attempts to open my Friendster account, I was surprised to see that I only have 14 friends in my list. Wow, how could it be when I didn't delete anyone from my approximately 250 friends in my list.

I hope this is just a joke since most of the missing accounts in my list are either my high school or college classmates and boardmates. Oh, they are one of the very reason why I maintained a Friendster account. I want to keep in touch with them and Friendster is one of the most effective way to do it.

I guess there is a bug in Friendster site. I hope I am correct and once this is corrected, I hope my Friendster list will be complete again.

Is their anyone out there who experience the same thing? Please let me know...

Friday, October 31, 2008

Now Showing: Dyosa

Photo Source

Dyosa is another Philippine drama series aired in ABS-CBN that I get hocked with these days. I love the combination of comedy, fantasy, drama and love stories that engulf Dyosa. The plot is very magical and great especially in Kabanuas (good engkantos like gods and goddesses) and Kasamyans (the evil engkantos like malignos).

Dyosa feautures one of the famous Philippine folklore characters Mariang Sinukuan and Bernardo Carpio which are portray by Mickey Ferriols and Matthew Mendoza. This "fantaserye" showcases the very talented young stars of today's generation: Takda (Choosen One): Anne Curtis (a.k.a Josephine, Josie); Villain Beast: Sam Milby (Adonis); Takda's Childhood friend and Protector: Luis Manzano (Kulas) and Dyosa comics Illusionist/Illustrator: Zanjo Marudo (Mars). The powerful casts also includes Jaclyn Jose (Magayon: sister of Mariang Sinukuan), Nikki Bacolod (Diana: Takda's half-sister), Epi Cuizon (Bakus: Half goat/Half man), Llyod Samartino (Amang Suga) and many more.

Anne Curtis, Dyosa, transforms into three personas (mythical creatures) in this drama series: Mermaid (half-fish), a Centauride (half-horse), and a Siren (half-bird). However, Dyosa is reluctant in doing her role as Takda (Choosen One) of the Kabanuas. She is caught in the dilemma of leaving her life in the mortal world for 18 years or go back to Kabanua and be crowned as Takda.

Photo Source

Sam Milby, Adonis, the villain beast from Kasamyan was sent to the mortal world by his father Kadaklan to kill Takda but when he laid his eyes on her he has having thoughts of doing what he was told to do because he slowly fall in love with her. Diana, half-sister of Takda, followed Takda in the mortal world because she wants also to kill her so she will be crown as Takda and not her sister. Magayon, Diana's mother and Mariang Sinukuan's sister, was helping Diana to kill Takda. But the plan of Magayon and Diana to kill Takda is getting difficult since Adonis is closely watching over Dyosa protecting her from all harm around her.

The story is getting more and more intense and nicer everyday. Oh, I love these drama series so much aside from the fact that Anne Curtis is one of my fave young actresses. Do you?

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Is It Just a Fire Drill or Is it For Real?

I am sure when you are resting or when you are chilling out in your hotel room, the very least sound that you want to hear is the fire alarm. The same idea goes for the hotel staffs; hearing the fire alarm means a big hassle in our part since we have to make sure that we handle the situation base on the hotel's SOP aside from the fact that we have the tendency to face a lot of angry guests and bombarded with a non-stop calls. The presence of the fire department who are deployed by the city to check on the alarm that they received is not fun at all. Unfortunately, even if we will call them and let them know it was only a false alarm they still have to go to the hotel, check the location that triggers the alarm system to went off and re-set the fire alarm system.

Just an FYI, the hotel staff are only allowed to silence the alarm once we confirmed that it was only a false alarm and no danger awaits for our guests; however, it is only the fire department personnel who is allowed to re-set it. I know it is annoying to everyone seeing the lights flashing in every corner of the hotel while waiting for the fire department to arrive but everyone should understand that those will stop only once the system is re-set.

Just two nights ago, the fire alarm system in our hotel went off. Everyone was going crazy going out from the hotel. Thanks God! It was only a false alarm. All our rooms are suites so they have microwave in their rooms. Someone was making popcorn while he was using the bathroom. The popcorn got burn and it produces smoke which triggers the whole fire alarm system of the hotel to sound. Dang!

You are right! It was no fun at all especially that there were only few hotel staff left. Some have to go outside and informed the guests that it is safe to come back to their room in case they didn't hear my announcement over the speaker. I also need to check all the exit doors of the hotel just to double check if there are no guests still waiting there for any feedback from us. Lastly, I need to walk around to each floor levels to make sure everything is okay especially the elevators. Oh, I didn't a lot of things just to check that everything is back to normal.

See? This is what I am talking about. Geez.. I wish I can explain more how hassle it is to both guests and hotel staffs.

So, my verdict is... Don't cook something in your hotel room when you aren't around to see what is going on!!!!

Well, after all everyone is still thankful it was only a false alarm...